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Government Accredited Certification Body

SERCONS Certification Authority is the leading Russian company in the field of certification. We issue the required certificates for Russia and the Customs Union, as well as perform expert appraisal of industrial safety and quality management systems. We have executed over 86,000 certification orders. Our years in this industry prove our reputation as a professional and reliable partner for our manufacturer clients.

Sercons was established in 1996 and up to date we have 8 locations in Russia, one in Turkey, and one in South Korea. From 2009, due to our customer loyalty, the company increased its market share, despite high competition, and avoided the crisis. 18 years of experience allow us to look ahead with confidence, and there are no reasons for us to slow down.

That is why in November 2013, Sercons established a new office in Zug, Switzerland so that we could be closer to our European clients and partners and still offer the competitive prices only available in Russia.

General Director of "SERCONS GROUP": Andrey Grigoryev